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Sewing machine industry status analysis: parts industry acce


    Status analysis of parts and components industry in sewing machinery industry in China

    Compared with the anxiety of the first crisis, the current development of parts and components enterprises become more rational, and the enterprise's ability to resist risks has been obviously improved. The quality of products has been paid more attention to, and the pace of transformation and upgrading is accelerating.
    For machinery, parts to a certain extent determine the overall quality of equipment, therefore, has become the focus of attention.
    With the continuous development of International Sewing machinery industry transfer and China's industrial sewing machine manufacturing system and growth, industry sewing         machinery spare parts, China has formed a complete range of products, the largest sewing machinery parts manufacturing and supporting system.
    According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of parts and components production enterprises in various sizes in China's sewing machinery industry, of which more than 200 enterprises have annual output value of more than 5 million yuan and have a certain scale and influence.
    After two rounds of the baptism of the global financial crisis and the European debt crisis, although China's sewing machinery parts industry sales decreased greatly, but relatively the first crisis of anxiety at a loss, more rational development of the auto parts enterprises, enterprise anti risk ability is higher, improve the quality of the products was paid more attention, is accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading.


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