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Market analysis of sewing machines in Bangladesh



    In recent years, with the "transfer of clothing" "blowing wind" blowing Southeast Asia, Bangladesh has gradually become the focus of industrial transfer of clothing enterprises in various countries. At the beginning of January 2013, a Dhaka state held in Bangladesh Bongo International Conference Center sewing equipment exhibition attracted many enterprises China sewing machine vision, "go to Bangladesh" logical to become one of the 2013 China Sewing Machinery Industry in the most popular topic.
What is the charm of this world's "least developed country"? Let us listen to the author's cool and original analysis.
    Export to bangladesh:
    Domestic sewing machine bucked the trend
    China is currently the largest exporter of sewing machinery in the world. In 2012, the export of China's sewing machinery industry showed a year-on-year contraction trend. According to General Administration of customs data show that the first three quarters of 2012, China's total export of sewing machinery products 1 billion 350 million U. s.dollars, compared with the same period in 2011 dropped by 12.17%. However, it is noteworthy that, in the general trend of export decline in the industry, Southeast Asia and parts of South Asia market in 2012, a sudden rise, sewing equipment demand to achieve a contrarian growth.
    Among them, the first three quarters of China's export to Bangladesh sewing machinery products amounted to $43 million 650 thousand, jumped into the export market of China's sewing machinery top twelve, exports increased to 3.23%, an increase of 1.49 percentage points year-on-year growth, exports amounted to 47.74%, in 20 China Sewing machinery export market before, exports the growth rate ranked second, behind Hongkong Chinese re export market.
    From the Japanese Ministry of finance data also show that in 2012 November, Japan's exports of Bangladesh sewing machinery products amounted to 455 million yen ($5 million 10 thousand), an increase of 10.81% in Japan, the sewing machinery export market growth, market demand is also in the forefront of bangladesh.
It is in this "decline" under the "high growth", attracted many domestic and foreign sewing enterprises Qi, focusing bangladesh.


    Review the situation of China's export Bangladesh sewing machinery products the amount of change in recent years (see chart 1), in 2005 China's exports of Bangladesh sewing machinery products only less than $14 million, while in 2012 only the first three quarters of China's exports of Bangladesh sewing machinery products has exceeded 40 million dollar amount. In just seven years, China's export volume has turned three times, and the demand growth potential of Bangladesh sewing machinery products can not be underestimated.



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